Duology Review: Not A Drop to Drink

Not A Drop to Drink – 4.5 stars

Finally, a dystopian that doesn’t fit the normal dystopian model.

I love that Not a Drop to Drink isn’t a “Chosen One” versus the government type of story. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a soft-spot for those types of stories, but they just feel a little over-played at this point. I really enjoyed watching as Lynn grew as a character from a closed off survivor to one who opens her heart to those around her. But I also love that she never truly loses her hardness. I also appreciated that McGinnis wasn’t afraid to kill off a main character and that even though there was a love interest, it wasn’t insta-love. It’s scary how real the book felt, especially because if we aren’t careful with our resources, we could end up in the world of Not a Drop to Drink. McGinnis paints a picture of what it means to survive in a world with little to no water well and it is just such a good book.


In A Handful of Dust – 5 stars

Mindy McGinnis is easily becoming one of my favorite authors.

I love that we got to see Lynn and Lucy travel across the country and that they struggle to do so. I really appreciate that McGinnis included things like altitude sickness because it made it all the more real. I loved seeing the difference in characters between Lynn and Lucy. I appreciate that Lynn still is untrusting of people, but I also appreciate that Lucy is open to everyone and willing to give them a chance. It makes sense for the world that they each grew up in. Yes, Lucy has had to struggle, but her world wasn’t quite the one that Lynn grew up in. I did miss Stebbs though, as I grew really fond of him in Not a Drop to Drink. I really enjoyed McGinnis’s look at humanity as a whole and how we would all react to a situation in which we are struggling and competing for something we all take for granted right now.



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