Series Review: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – 4 stars

I remember reading this back in 2005 right before the first movie came out. My mom said that I couldn’t go see the movie without having read the book, so I spent the entire drive from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Metuchen, New Jersey, reading. I was about 12 at the time, so I didn’t really connect with what the girls experienced. Now that I was just shy of turning 24 and have gone through the high school experience, I appreciated the girls a lot more. I feel like Brashares did an excellent job of creating real teenage characters and I absolutely love the friendship that the Sisterhood has. There were times that I questioned the parental figures in the book, but I did appreciate that, for the most part, the parents were present. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing style and there were a couple of times that the shift between characters really confused me because it went from paragraph to paragraph with no line break. Overall, though, I had a better appreciation of the book now that I am 11 years older than when I first read it.


The Second Summer of the Sisterhood – 4 stars

Carmen absolutely drove me crazy in this one. She was just so absolutely horrible and bratty towards her mother and David. It also really bothered me that it was basically the exact same plot line from the first book, only it was her mother instead of her father.

Tibby’s general attitude this book just frustrated me to no end. How on earth did she not think that her original movie was going to be upsetting to her mother? And while I’m glad she got over wanting to be friends with Alex and Maura (I think that’s her name?), it’s annoying how long it took her and that she treated Brian like crap because of how they treated him.

Oh, Lena. Lena, Lena, Lena. I just. I need her and Kostos to just get a mind-wipe of some sort to just forget the other exists. Also, what the heck was that with Paul?

While I appreciated what Bridget wanted to get out of her summer, did she really need to lie to her grandmother about who she was? However, I appreciate how her depression was portrayed because it was a realistic one. It was really wonderful to see her grow.


Girls In Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood – 3.5 stars

Bridget was having another relationship with Eric. And I’m sorry, but she literally went into a depression after her first attempt at a relationship with him, so why in the world would anyone think this was healthy?

Carmen was being a brat again about her mom being pregnant. But at least she was able to do nice things for once. And I really liked her and Win together. Why couldn’t they stay together?!

Tibby needs to figure out her shit with Brian. Like for real.

Lena needs to get over Kostos. I’m sick of hearing about him. Also, her scholarship seemed to be a side thought and the reason for her drawing rather than just her drawing her family because it makes her happy.


Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood – 3 stars

Bridget – GIRL. STOP. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND. YOUR PROFESSOR HAS A FAMILY. STOP STOP STOP. I am so frustrated with her – has she learned nothing?!

Tibby – I understood her freakout about how her first time was basically rape (or at least, I never saw where she said yes) and possible pregnancy. However, I still think she was a little vicious to Brian. And then the whole thing with Effie and Brian and just. No. I was over that storyline really quickly.

Lena – I really wanted her and Leo together. They seemed right to me. But stupid Kostos had to get in the way. I really kind of hate him at this point. But I did feel for her in the whole Tibby/Effie drama. It’s hard to choose between your best friend who is basically your sister and your actual sister when you know more about what is going on than your sister maybe does. I just don’t know if Effie knew everything like she thought she did.

Carmen – I wanted to punch Julia in the face for Carmen. But I loved seeing Carmen grow into her true self again.

Also, is it bad that I’m kinda glad that the Pants disappeared? Because good Lord they must be disgusting by now. Four summers with four sweaty ass teenage girls wearing them and not washing them? Ew.


Sisterhood Everlasting – 3 stars

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this.

I did enjoy catching up with the girls, but I had a lot of problems with the story.

First off, and this is a minor complaint, but can Lena shut up about her “large feet?” I think it was mentioned that they are 9 and a 1/2. Well, lemme tell you, I wear between a 9 and a 9 and a 1/2 and I certainly don’t think my feet are large.

Tibby – I don’t get why she couldn’t just tell everyone what was going on in her life. Also, did she leave loving notes for her family (including her daughter) like she did for the Septembers?

Bridget – ARE YOU REALLY TELLING ME THAT SHE WENT 5 MONTHS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PRENATAL CARE? SERIOUSLY?! That bothered me so freaking much. And I don’t get why Eric just handed over 10K to her. And then dropped everything to meet her in Pennsylvania after nearly 5 months. And that he was just like “yep, let’s have this baby.”

Carmen – What does Brashares have against iPhones? Jeez. Also, how did she not see how absolutely horrible Jones is as a person? Is she really that vain and shallow now? Also, is Roberto supposed to be a new love interest for her? Also, why is she the only one who never really seemed to be in a happy relationship? That really bothered me throughout the entire series.

Lena – Have I mentioned how much I hate Kostos? Because I do. At least they are together now finally so that the circling can be over. But I’m not actually happy about that because I really really hate him and never understood why Lena was in love with him. Or why he was in love with her, for that matter.



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