Series Review: The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder – 4.5 stars

As with other books/series that I’ve been reading recently, I’m ashamed that it has taken me this long to read Cinder. I loved so much about this book and this made me look forward to reading the rest of The Lunar Chronicles.

First off, the characters are freaking golden. I love how Cinder is sarcastic and savvy and willing to do whatever it took to save herself and Kai. I love that Kai acts his age. He’s only 18 or 19 when he becomes Emperor and you can tell that. He isn’t perfect. He is just trying to do what is best for his country. I cried like a baby about what happened to Peony. I need Iko in my life. I like how Adri and Pearl stay true to the original story while still being their own distinct characters. I even enjoyed the other side characters like Dr. Erland and Torin. And Levana is just deliciously evil and I couldn’t wait to read more about her.

Normally, I’m against The Chosen One, but since this is a re-telling of Cinderella, that really didn’t bother me. I had my theories about who the lost Lunar princess was at her first mention and so when the reveal happened, I was happy to be proven right, which is usually not the case. I’m so excited to see what happens with that reveal later on in the series. Also, normally I’m against insta-love and insta-connection. But for some reason, it just worked for me in this book.

The only reason why I took off a half a star is because I wanted a little more world building. Like, how exactly did they come up with the idea of continents being countries? And the exact spread of letumosis throughout the entire Earth. And also, how the whole cyborgs are second-class citizens came to be a thing. Hopefully I’ll get some of these answered in the rest of the series and the novella bind-up.

Overall, though, I really really enjoyed Cinder!


Scarlet – 5 stars

I just. *flails*

I love Scarlet. I love her with Wolf. I cried like a baby when Wolf turned on her (though I saw it coming and I knew he would be redeemed, but still, I think I felt my heart rip open).

I love Cinder. I love her friendship with Thorne. New brotp. Like for real. I still love Kai. And I need him to get his shit together. Because he needs to be with Cinder and not with stupid Levana.

I’m so glad we still got Iko. I would die if Iko couldn’t be a part of the book.

The story was engaging. I love how fresh Marissa Meyer makes the fairy tales and how she is weaving all of the characters together. I also liked that we got a little bit more world building. I just ahhhh!


Cress – 5 stars

I am so in love with this series and I really really wish I hadn’t waited so long to read it. Cress and Thorne are literally my OTP of the series right now because they are just too cute and ugh. My heart broke when Cress saw Thorne with the escort droid. Iko remains my forever favorite. I just love her so much. Cinder is growing so much as a character and I love seeing it. And can we just take a minute to appreciate Konn Torin? He’s always there for Kai no matter what and just bless him. Meyer continues to impress me with her writing and how she has created this complex world yet seamlessly integrates her stories while remaining true to the original fairytales. I’m just. AH!


Fairest – 4.5 stars

It’s official: Levana is batshit crazy. And I absolutely LOVE her for that. It was really interesting to get to see her backstory to understand a little bit better how she got to be where she is in the Lunar Chronicles. Levana is just so psychotic. And Meyer writes it perfectly so that while we as the reader understand Levana’s motivations, we absolutely do not sympathize with her. If anything, Meyer has written it so flawlessly that we hate Levana even more. I love that she took us from Levana’s early childhood where her sister abused her up to her adult life. I’d say the only reason I took off half a star is because Levana is just so horrible that I couldn’t stand to give it the same rating as the rest of the series.


Winter – 5 stars

This was a perfect conclusion to the series. Meyer managed to keep the stakes high while staying true to the Snow White fairy tale. I love how she continued to weave the characters together. And while I know I’ve complained about characters not dying after the buildup to huge battles, in this instance, I am okay with it. Because, at least in the Disney versions, the heroes all live. And since she’s retelling fairytales, it really didn’t bother me. All of the main 9 characters, as well as Konn Torin are my beautiful space baby cinnamon rolls and I need them to live happily ever after for the rest of forever. I went on Tumblr right after finishing reading this and just embraced going down the rabbit hole of reblogging and liking all of the things. The book is long, but I never felt like it dragged. I truly felt like it was worth reading all 800+ pages. I just love this book so much and it is in my top three favorite books of the year.


Stars Above – 5 stars

Oh my stars!

Why does this series have to be over?!

My favorite story was definitely Something Old, Something New. I was squealing the entire time I was reading.

I loved that we got to see Cinder’s origin story. I loved that we got to see Cinder and Kai’s first meeting from his point of view. I loved Meyer’s take on the Little Mermaid. It was really interesting to see the creation of Levana’s mutant army. I loved seeing Cress’s satellite origin story. Thorne’s backstory was just perfectly him. And Winter and Jacin’s story is just adorable yet sad because we got to see exactly why Winter begins to go crazy.

Everything about this was just perfect, in my opinion.



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