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#TomeTopple Day 8 Recap

Books I was already reading

Civil War Companion –  49 pages

Books meant for TomeTopple

A Storm of Swords – 0 pages

Illuminae – 188 pages (I’m now finished with it!)

From Hell  – 0 pages


Total pages read: 237 pages

Total pages read to date: 2401 pages

Number of books completed: 5


Challenge check-in

1. Read more than one tome (500+ pages): Check (New MoonCity of Glass, Impulse, and Illuminae)

2. Take a graphic novel break (doesn’t need to be over 500 pages!): Check (started reading From Hell)

3. Read a tome that is part of a series: Check (New Moon, City of Glass, Impulse, and Illuminae are all a part of a series)

4. Read over 500 pages in one week: Check (2401 pages in 8 days)

5. Read an adult novel


Come back tomorrow for another recap!


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