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#TomeTopple Day 1 Recap

It’s officially #TomeTopple! I was already in the middle of reading four books when the readathon started, so I’m counting them towards my pages read (and two of them are over 500 pages, so I’m counting them as finishing tomes when I actually do finish them) along with the four other books I posted about earlier.

I’m currently in the middle of a re-read of The Twilight Saga because a) I apparently started a new tradition of reading bad novels during the summer last year when I read the Fifty Shades trilogy plus Grey (I’ll explain how that happened later) and b) Snark Squad (http://www.snarksquad.com/category/books-2) is recapping the series and through those recaps, I found myself wanting to re-read the series to see how differently I view the books now that I have been separated from them for 8 years. (Side note: you should read all of the recaps of both The Twilight Saga and Fifty Shades. You can thank me later.)

I’m also reading The Mortal Instruments for the first time, and am currently on City of Glass.

This summer is apparently the summer of series for me, as I was also already reading Cinder, which is, of course, the first book in The Lunar Chronicles.

For all three of these series, I will post a separate wrap-up detailing my thoughts once I finish all of the books in them.

The other book that I was in the middle of before the readathon began was the Civil War Companion, which is nothing like what I was expecting and I’ve been trying to get through it for a month. I’m hoping to push through it by the end of this week because I just want to be done with it already. I don’t know why, but I just can’t make myself DNF books.

With regards to TomeTopple, my reading for day 1 broke down as follows:

Books I was already reading

New Moon – 221 pages (I’m now finished with it)

City of Glass – 165 pages

Cinder – 20 pages

Civil War Companion – 6 pages (see, it really is taking forever)

Books meant for TomeTopple – lawlz, didn’t touch them today. Whoops


Total pages read: 412 pages

Come back tomorrow for another recap!


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