Review: The Little Prince

I love how wonderfully whimsical and magical this book is. I love how it emphasizes the importance of the relationships we form and how they add meaning and purpose to our lives. I wish the Little Prince had met a few more decent adults, because for the most part, all of the adults were rather horrible. Though I do appreciate that the point is that there are many different types of adults, but being a good adult is rather difficult. I thought that it handled the concept of death in a way that is mature, but not so mature that children won’t be able to grasp the concept (even if it takes talking to a parent about it). The illustrations are so playful and fun and I thought they did add to the story.

As with The Chronicles of Narnia, I kind of wish I had read this as a child so that when I read it as an adult I could see how my perspective has changed, but alas, I did not. I am, however, excited to read this with my children in the future.

4.5 stars

The Little Prince


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