Nursing School · Update

Reading Wrap-Ups and An Update on Nursing School

Since it’s been forever and a day since my last review, I decided to do things a little differently to cover the 27 books that I’ve read and not yet posted a review on here. I grouped them based on the types of book they are (save for Pride and Prejudice and The Little Prince, which will both be getting their own reviews) and will be writing general statements on each in the following couple of days. I’m actually drafting them out in advance so that all I have to do is publish them. Also, be on the lookout for a monthly recommendation post on June 1st – this month we’re going around the world!

So I finished my semester on May 4th and yes, I technically should have posted on here once I was done stressing/freaking out, but honestly, I needed a break from everything. I traveled up to New Jersey/New York for two weeks to visit my sister and my grandparents (and celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday, my grandfather’s 86th birthday, and their 60th anniversary – it was a very festive time of year!). I’ve mainly been coloring and catching up on TV shows that I fell behind on during the semester, as well as reading, of course.

I ended my semester on a really high note and made excellent grades, even making it to the Dean’s List. Luckily, my finals went from the hardest being first to the easiest being last, making it possible to not study for my psych final until the day before (if you can, try to never do that!!!). I have officially completed my first year of nursing school now, and only have two more semesters to go before I am eligible to sit for the NCLEX exam and earn my license. And while I plan on enjoying my summer, I also have it mapped out where I will be reading my ATI texts for my Adult I and II and pediatrics classes throughout the summer so that I have some semblance of an idea of what I am in for before my 3rd semester starts. I am also *hopefully* going to have a job as a patient care associate at one of the local hospitals so that I can continue to gain experience and hone my skills over the summer. I’m just waiting to hear back from a couple of jobs that I applied to.


Ooooo, look, a selfie after a clinical day! I really do love being a student nurse! I honestly believe the going to nursing school is one of (if not the) best decisions of my life.

I went on a crazy buy spree of books during my vacation, so I can basically kiss my goal of reading half of the books I own by the end of the year goodbye. Oh well, it was worth it. I am finally almost caught up with my OwlCrate books (I’m reading the April one now and still have the May one, but I just got that one, so I still have time), and I’m actually ahead on my GoodReads challenge (I probably just jinxed myself, but whatever). I’ve been keeping up with the TBR jar and have also used the PopSugar Challenge as well as Read Around the Year in 52 Books. I’m probably cheating by having books crossover between all three, but YOLO, I do what I want.

So anywho, that’s just a quick check-in on what’s going on and what to look forward to. I hope everyone is doing well and if you are lucky to have a summer vacation, that it is going well!


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